What to Expect on Admission Day

The following essential information is legally required in order for the CLIP Program to provide care. Unless previously submitted, please bring a copy of  the following items to the admission appointment:

  • Child's birth certificate
  • Child’s social security card
  • Child's photo ID
  • Immunization record
  • current medical coupon/card and PIC number, if applicable

The program may specify additional information requirements. They will also describe their policies regarding prescription medications, personal items, clothing etc.

Upon arrival, the person coordinating the admission will greet the child and family. The following activities will occur, but the sequence in which they occur varies according to the program, the individual child and family, the availability of specific treatment staff, and other factors.

  • An interview with the child and family or guardian
  • Additional information gathering
  • Admission papers will be completed and signed
  • An inventory of the child’s personal belonging
  • Orientation to the program and the child’s room
  • Introduction to staff and children
  • A point person from the program staff will be identified immediately. Additional staff form various disciplines (i.e. case manger, family therapists) will be assigned responsibility of the child and will also be available for consultation soon after admission.

Within 24 hours, a nursing assessment, a physical examination, and a psychiatric evaluation be compiled.

Within 72 hours an initial treatment plan will be developed. An in-depth master treatment plan will be developed no later than 14 days after admission.

Throughout treatment, the child, family, and/or guardian will be informed of ongoing treatment plan review schedules, opportunities to meet other parents who children are in care, vising schedules, etc. The program will ensure that close communication is maintained.

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Children's Long-term Inpatient Program (CLIP)