What do I have to pay for my child’s cost of CLIP care?

Most families do not have to pay anything towards their child’s cost of CLIP care, but there are exceptions.

How do I know if we have something to pay?

There are a few different reasons why your child may be required to pay part of the cost of their CLIP care. United States’ law requires our site to review money of income that is in a child’s name. The CLIP program may also bill a parent/guardians private insurance. Please ask the admission counselor about this clause and if it applies to you and your family

All parents or guardians will need to fill out an application for benefits for their child. this will happen at admission. A department of Social and Health Services Office (CSO) Worker will review the application

There review occurs to:

  1. Establish that your child is now in a long-term (more than three months) inpatient setting
  2. Review any income in the child’s name, and
  3. Review if there is a child income(s) and determine what the participation amount will be


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