What is the CLIP Administration?

The CLIP Administration is responsible for policy and clinical decision making regarding admission to Washington State's five CLIP Programs. The CLIP Administration is also the statutory placement authority for adolescents involuntary committed for up to 180 days of inpatient care (RCW 71.4)

The CLIP Administration is staffed by children's mental health specialists and administrative staff. Consulting psychiatrists, social workers, and nurses serve as members of the CLIP Certification Team, Placement Team and/or the Inspection of Care Team.

In coordination with Behavioral Health Organizations (BHO) and Managed Care Organizations (MCO), the CLIP Administration insures that the CLIP Programs admit only those youth who meet Medicaid criteria for medical necessity, and that discharges occur with necessary planning and due consideration of the needs of youth and family.

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Children's Long-term Inpatient Program (CLIP)