Voluntary Applications


In accordance with the CLIP/BHO/MCO Agreements, the BHO or MCO must review any voluntary CLIP application. (cite code)


Voluntary applicants or their guardian(s) must be residents of the state of Washington. In addition, voluntary applicants must have a severe psychiatric illness that warrants intensive services in an inpatient setting.


The BHO/MCO refers children to the CLIP Administration only after consideration and approval of the application at the local level. Application requirements are comprehensive and include records that document the child's inpatient and outpatient treatment, any out-of- home placements, school history and any other services the child may have received.


The CLIP Administration compiles a written summary that is submitted to the CLIP Certification Team for review. Based on the materials provided, the CLIP Certification Team determines whether an individual applicant meets Medicaid medical necessity criteria. If the CLIP Certification Team approves the application, the child's name is placed on the statewide waiting list until a bed becomes available at the most appropriate CLIP Program.


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