Referral Process-How to Apply


There are two principal avenues for accessing CLIP:


1. Voluntary Application

2. Involuntary Commitment (ITA) 180-day Restrictive Orders for Inpatient Treatment


How to apply for CLIP?

Access to a CLIP Voluntary application varies from county to county. Each county in the state of Washington has a designated Behavioral Health Organization (BHO) or MCO (Managed Care Organization) assigned to implement and monitor the delivery of medically funded mental health services to adults and youth in their region. At each BHO/MCO there is a Children's Care Coordinator who are experts in their region regarding services available for youths and families. They are the community advocates with knowledge of addition resources and networks with other systems. They can also provide additional resource information that aid in the stabilization of youths within a home environment and prevent unnecessary out of home care or hospitalizations. In addition to their expertise in intensive mental health resources they are tasked with the coordination of the first step to the CLIP application process.


Click her to find the contact person of your local BHO/MCO in your county.

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Children's Long-term Inpatient Program (CLIP)